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SuperTuxKart 1.2.0 Publisher's Description

SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game. Basically, you run a certain number of laps and try to be faster than your opponents. Power ups, like accelerator, rockets, can help you to achieve this goal. By collecting coins you build up your power, which enables you to get more power ups whenever you collect one. The arrow- shaped red and black 'zippers' on the track will give you a quick speedup.

At the same time, there are bananas out on the track, which effect you negatively: an anvil or parachute will slow you down for a while. If you are running rather fast, you can pop a wheelie, which gives you an additional speed boost, but you can't steer your kart while doing a wheelie, so be careful. Hitting another kart does not do any damage to your kart or the other kart, one of the karts will just be forced to a stand still, loosing precious seconds.

Three different game modes are available:

* Quick Race A single race (with between 1 and 5 laps)
* Time Trial A single race with a single lap only
* Grand Prix A set of several races, each with several laps

Split screen multi-player is supported, though you need a somewhat powerful computer and graphics card to get a high frame rate in this case. Network multi-player is not yet supported.

Mac-Version by Fl0r!an, -Nuke- and xeno74 from Community.

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